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Our Sponsors


We would like to thank our sponsors for their support:

Allied Milk Producers' Coop. Inc.

Hines Equipment

Mostoller Family of Lake Road Truck Repair

The Allied Milk Producers' Coop. Inc.

is pleased to present

The Roof Garden Tractor Buddies, Inc.

Since 1950, the Allied Milk Producers' Coop. Inc. has been a farmer funded, promotion, advertising and service agency serving dairy farmers in south-central Pennsylvania. The family of Allied Milk Producers' Coop. Inc. are men and women dairymen dedicated to locally producing wholesome, nutritious dairy products while at the same time being good stewards of our cherished natural resources.

Farmers work long hard hours, but when they can, they play just as hard. The Roof Garden Tractor Buddies have taken the skills developed at work and converted them into an entertaining pastime. The Allied Milk Producers' Coop. Inc. are pleased to bring you this exhibition of precision driving skills as the Roof Garden Tractor Buddies maneuver their powerful farm tractors, rim to rim, through the intricate moves of the American Square Dance. So bow to your partner, rev your engine, engage the clutch, and let's square dance.

And the next time you need to quench your thirst, choose the delicious, nutritious, ice-cold beverage, MAKE IT MILK! Our mascot, "Mouserella" also wants to remind you that CHEESE IS EVERYTHING, breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner, cheese has a place in every meal.

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